College update

I would like to extend a warm, “welcome back” to our students and faculty as the new semester is getting started. In the last couple of weeks, our college’s strategic planning committee has picked up on the development of our next plan. We will be meeting weekly. So far the committee has done a great job of defining a mission statement update, a set of values, and now they are working on a set of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for the college. They are also compiling an easy to read synopsis of our current budget makeup.

Speaking of budget, we have been working hard to make the needed reductions to meet the state’s new reality and to be sure we can cover the employer-paid-benefits on our federal and county salaries. We have also worked on an exercise to delineate what portion of our state allocation is focused on service (e.g. extension, experiment station, and vet lab) and what is focused on our instructional mission. Interestingly, when the data are reviewed, it becomes obvious that a little over 2/3 of our budget goes for land grant services to Wyoming (approximately 68% of our current budget is dedicated to these activities). Our strategic planning team is working now to compile this sort of information, as I mentioned above.

Finally, we have initiated the requisite 5 year review of Associate Dean Hess. Please watch your emails for the link to the survey and please let me me know if you have any additional comments on Bret’s service. Cheers! Frank.

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