Faculty workloads

Hello everyone. As part of President Nichols’ budget tightening efforts, the new job description forms will need to be filled out by your department head and then we need to review them. My understanding is that they want these done by the end of the month. That is a pretty tall order, given the busy summer, but it will help if we can get them done. This is the only way we’ll get permission to hire temps to cover essential areas.

I think everyone saw the memos that went out. The forms are on AA’s website at: http://www.uwyo.edu/acadaffairs/admin/index.html

This is a new lens for looking at our job descriptions. However, please note that there are reasonable exceptions to switch out of teaching for productive researchers, mentoring graduate students, and extension/experiment station/vet lab service. Thus, as long as I am dean, I intend to be sure our service and research activities can remain an important focus. Thanks and hang in there. If you want to talk, give me a yell or stop by. Frank.

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