Strategic Planning and Budget

Hello everyone. I hope you had an enjoyable Labor Day Weekend. It is time for us to start thinking about our next strategic plan. For this college, it would be hard to think about our strategies in the current budget climate, but we will come out the other side, and it would be great to have a plan to which we can grow.

Along that line, I have asked several of our colleagues to band together to look at strategy for the college both short term (read that, “budget”) and long term (rebuilding in areas that make sense for our stakeholders (including students, state citizens who value our extension and experiment station work, faculty, and staff)). The members of that committee include Brian Mealor, Kelly Crane, Warrie Means, Ben Rashford, Dan Levy, Melanie Murphy, Chrissy Wade, and Brant Schumaker. Thanks to all of them for their willingness to advise us as we proceed.

Our most immediate task has been to brainstorm ways to trim our budget. We don’t know yet exactly what our target is, but I am guessing it will be between $1 and $1.5 million somewhere for FY 18. Obviously there are no easy answers when discussing vertical versus horizontal cuts and how to do that. Right now we are looking at some sort of combination approach. The committee is correct in saying that we need to stop weakening all of our units. I would hope we can find a way to manage these budget cuts, but then work in our strategic plan to build an optimistic future for the college.

Please feel free to send me your ideas and suggestions. Alternatively, you can feel comfortable in visiting with any of our leadership team (Heads, Assoc Deans, or members of the committee if you have input.

Thanks again and here’s to a successful Fall 2016 semester. Frank.

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