Update on job descriptions

Good morning everyone. We are continuing to work on budget issues in the dean’s office.

On the faculty workload topic, we recently received an ok from Tami Benham – Deal that this year’s job descriptions are fine and won’t be changed at Old Main. They will give us feedback in advance of our having to do our annual job descriptions next year (hopefully well in advance this time!).

I have copies of all of your descriptions electronically. However, if you or your department wish to have hard copies, please print and sign them, then send to me and I’ll sign off on them and file (returning a copy to the department). I mentioned this to our leadership team a week ago plus. So I hope you all got the message. I have received a few forms that I have signed.

Oh….I will be sending some information out soon as the strategic planning committee wants to have a listening session with you all. We will tie it to our fall faculty meeting. We will also begin to work on the college plan as well.

Have a great week. Frank

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