Canada Links


  • Alberta Feed & Pasture for Sale, feed and pasture available or wanted by region, also people willing to care for cattle


  • Search for available hay using bale size, hay type, etc.


  • Feed and Forage for sale and wanted

State Links

Additional Marketing Links

Farm Management Software Online

Internet Hay Exchange

  • View hay for sale by state, country, or province (other countries listed including several Canadian provinces)
  • Also a list of hay wanted

Oster Dow Jones (formerly Bridge News)

  • Article by Lester Aldrich
  • Contains many links for hay exchange as well as Hay Markets (some links may be inactive)

The Haymarket

  • View hay for sale by region or send a description of hay to sell

The Hay Barn

  • Click on Hay Ads to view hay for sale and wanted by state

Nobel Foundation

  • Hay and Pasture available, as well as cattle needing pasture and cattle for sale

Hay for

  • Limited number of hay listings

Successful Farming

  • Contains many links for hay exchange as well as Hay Markets

Weed Free Certification Standards

Colorado Drought Resources

Idaho Drought Resources

  • University of Idaho drought articles to print (PDF format)

Iowa Drought Resources

  • Iowa State University Drought Resources

North Dakota Drought Resources

  • North Dakota State University drought articles

Pennsylvania Drought Resources