Undergraduate Student Travel Grant Application Form For Travel in the Months of March-August 2016

Due to the Academic and Student Programs Office, AG 160, by 5:00pm on February 24, 2016

SEND Grants SP16 Application

Student grant recipients will be required to submit a brief report (1 – 2 pages) on the project and the benefits to their educational experience so SEND donors can appreciate the impact their support has had on student educational engagement and networking. This will need to be submitted NO LATER than 2 weeks after the return from the travel experience or from time of award (for post-travel awards).  Additionally, students will be expected to share their experience with their department or college through oral or poster presentations, or by other means suitable to their academic program.  Please notify the Office of Academic and Student Programs ( of such activities or include in report.

Contact Kerry Casper,, if you have questions.